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David  Goodstein
David Goodstein

Harry Goodstein (b.1899-1982) and Ida Goodstein (b.1899-1973) moved to Glen Wild during the great depression. They purchased a “kuchalein” called Eagle’s Nest and Harry commuted to NYC working in the garment district.

They had 3 children, Michael (b.1922-2010), Dorothy (b.1923-2003, and David (b.1938) In the late 30’s Michael established an egg farm on the family property. He served in WW II and Harry took over managing the farm. Harry eventually closed the kuchalein and sold the farm to Meyer Kaplan, who had married Dorothy. Growing up, David attended SUNY Delhi, obtaining a degree in poultry husbandry and later worked on the farm. In 1962 he married Nancy Friedberg, a school teacher and raised 2 children. He then went to work for Inter-County Farmers Feed Co-op as a poultry serviceman selling feed to farmers and providing poultry diagnostics. He worked for Inter-County until it was sold to Agway, continuing on until his position was eliminated in 1992. He later worked for Fallsview Country Club and Robert Green Chevrolet until he retired in 2002.

     Interviewed: November, 2012

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