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Edward Krause Jr.
Edward Krause Jr.

Anthony Krause (1878-1947) and his wife Elizabeth (1878-1945) moved from NYC to Narrowsburg onto a small farm in the early 1900’s. He ran a training camp for boxers, took in boarders, had cows and raised chickens, calling his farm Hillcrest Poultry Farm. They four children: Katherine (1910-2010), Joseph (1909-1971), Charles (1912-1997) and Edward (1913-2012). Charlie and Ed spent time as sparring partners for many of the well- known boxers who visited for training. Ed married Rita Olohan (1913-1965) and had three sons. Ed, Jr. (1938), Jim (1947-1960) and Mike (1951). After serving in the Navy in WW II, Edward Sr. worked as a plumber, in construction, and as school bus operator while operating his meat bird farm with help from his sons. He closed the farm in the late 70’s and became the Superintendant of Highways for Narrowsburg. Edward Jr. started working as a printer for the News-Times, a local weekly newspaper in Narrowsburg while in high school. In 1956 Ed worked as a printer in Scranton and later in South Fallsburgh. He is retired and now works for himself. He married Doreen Prendergast (b.1944) and raised 3 children. Michael is a retired Ft. Myers, Fla. firefighter.

     Interviewed: November, 2012

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