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Henry Reimer Jr.
Henry Reimer Jr.

Henry Reimer (b.1908-60) and his wife Agusta (b.1911-??) emigrated from Germany in 19?? to New York City. They owned and operated Henry’s Sugar Bowl, an ice cream store in Harlem. Health issues forced him to move upstate to a farm in North Branch in 1932. Henry Reimer Jr. (b. 1926) was 6 years old at the time. The family ran a small egg farm while Henry Jr. grew up. After graduating from high school in 1944, Henry Jr. with the help of his father bought a 100 acre farm and started his own egg farm. At the same time he also married Loretta Knack (b.1928). Together they ran the farm and raised 4 boys. Henry Jr. was also a director for the Hortonville Grange, a feed and equipment supply house while Loretta  worked at a local bank. In 1963 the poor economic climate forced Henry Jr. to close down the chicken operation. He then worked as a union construction worker, was the postmaster for Hortonville and then worked for the State of New York as the Highway Superintendent for western Sullivan County.

     Interviewed: October, 2012 

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