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Horace Sheeley
Horace Sheeley

Earl D. Sheeley grew up in the Grahamsville area. He married Ada Viola Acrely, whose father had a small farm in Grahamsville.  Earl started raising meat birds and pullets as well as driving a truck hauling bulk milk for the creameries. Horace was born in 1927. He grew up and helped on the poultry farm. Horace also drove a truck for his father from the age of 15. Meat birds became unprofitable by the mid-50’s so Earl went into selling and hauling heating coal for homes and business. The company also expanded into hauling sand and gravel. In 1957, Horace married Eunice Sharon and raised 2 children. Horace joined the Teamsters union and drove Euclid trucks during the construction of the Lacawack and Neversink dam. He bought his father’s business in 1969 and by the early 70’s Horace started selling and delivering heating oil. Today his son owns the business.

      Interviewed: August, 2011

Horace Sheeley died on Dec. 30, 2013

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