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Leo Lipkowitz
Leo Lipkowitz

Leo b.1924-d.2012 grew up in Ferndale when his parents, Nathan and Molly moved from Westbrookville and purchased a hotel and 100 acre farm in Ferndale. He, his father, mother and his brother,­ George b.1913-2008 raised both dairy cows and chickens as well as running the hotel. After WW II, they expanded the dairy farm and developed a thriving bungalow colony. When the state took over their farmland in 1965 to expand Rte. 17, they closed the farm and enlarged the bungalow colony again. He married his wife Elaine Goldhammer b.1932 in 1951 and raised 2 children. Leo was also the farm manager for Carrland’s Dairy, an adjoining farm for 20 years until it closed in 1985. Lipkowitz Bungalow Colony was sold in 2004.

     Interviewed: June, 2011

Leo Lipkowitz died on Nov. 22, 2012

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