Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
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Helen  Reiger
Helen Reiger

Helen b.1924 grew up on her parent’s, Charles and Anna Bestenheider, dairy farm in North Branch. She married William Reiger b.1920-2008, who worked on the Erie railroad and also distributed eggs by rail to NYC, in 1943. Both Helen and Bill worked at H.E. Ohl’s Hatchery in Callicoon for several years. When Ohl’s closed in 1953, they bought Paul Rottiger’s egg farm on Rte. 97. Helen was responsible for running the egg farm while William delivered eggs to customers in the city. They also raised 5 children. By the late 60’s the farm was closed. William b.1947 helped on the farm and later the delivery routes. He graduated from Sullivan Community College in Food Science in 1969. In the meantime, he worked as a chef for Grossinger’s Hotel in 1967 and worked there for several years. He worked as a professional chef for over 20 years. He bought his father’s egg distribution business in 1982 and eventually sold it in 1991. He became a real estate broker in 1988 until illness forced his retirement.

        Interviewed: June, 2011

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