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Florence and David Silverman
Florence and David Silverman

Florence’s parents, Aaron b.1897 d.unk. and Clara Feld Ziegler b.1902 d.unk., owned a small dairy and boarding house in Swan Lake and raised 3 children, Sidney b.1927-2005, Florence b.1929and Sylvia b.1936-2009.  Sid eventually built one of the largest egg farms in Sullivan County. Sylvia married Monis Brafman, who established an egg farm down the road from Sid and Florence.  In 1943, Dave Silverman’s parents, Sam b.1902 d.unk and Sara b.1897 d.unk bought an abandoned farm and established a boarding house in Swan Lake. Dave b.1925 had gone to Newton Agricultural School in NYC. After leaving the Navy, Dave and Florence married in 1947 and started their farm in 1955, raising eggs and vegetables.  Florence established a retail stand on the property selling eggs, honey, fruits and vegetables. Dave also worked as a union plumber and was president of Local 526 for 25 years. He retired and then set up his own company, Silverman Mechanical. They raised 4 children. Florence was responsible for running the egg farm but by the 80’s had closed the egg operation. She then added a restaurant, Country Kitchen to her retail operation. Today she still sells honey.

       Interviewed: March, 2011

David Silverman died on July 8, 2016

Florence Silverman died on July 2, 2017

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