Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
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Dennis Zieres
Dennis Zieres

Dennis’s grandfather, Carl and Edna Zieres, had 2 small farms prior to moving from Cochecton Center to North Branch, establishing a farm and boarding house. Ed Zieres b.1920-2001, his son, purchased a farm next door to his father establishing his own egg farm. Returning from service in WW II, Ed married Carol Gaudette b.1927 in 1947 and had 5 children. Dennis started working in the coops at a young age assisting the family with the daily operations. Ed enlarged the farm with a 5 story coop and also created a retail egg route in the city. In 1970, Dennis left the farm. He worked at Robert Green Chevrolet in the body shop and then managed Tire Discount Center in Monticello to this day. Ed ceased egg production in the late 80’s, converting the farm to a meat bird operation. He retired in 1995 and Kevin b.1953 kept the farm going for another 8 years.

    Interviewed: March, 2011

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