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Chuck Perrenod
Chuck Perrenod

Charles Albert Perrenod Jr. b.1946 was born in Long Island City. He graduated from the New York Military Academy and then from St. John’s University, majoring in business and economics. In 1969, his father, Charles Albert Perrenod, b.1917-89 purchased a foreclosed egg farm in Liberty NY. Chuck married Judith Tatnall b. 1947 and raised 3 children. His wife helped to run Stay-Well Farms, which also raised beef cattle. Chuck was also a member on the Board of Inter-County.  In 1972 the cost of feed more than tripled and price controls dictated the cost of retail eggs, farming became increasingly difficult. Increasing environmental regulations caused additional expenses. Chuck distributed eggs and developed retail egg routes in an effort to remain in business. By 1980, Chuck closed the egg farm. Today he runs Sol-Rex Miniature Lampworks, a manufacturer of specialty light bulbs.

    Interviewed: November, 2011

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