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Dick Gartland
Dick Gartland

His father, Kenneth b.1909-68 and his mother, Gladys 1910-87 moved to Walton, NY in 1949. He was an operating engineer who worked on water tunnels for NYC. Dick b.1933 served in the Strategic Air Command for 4 years retiring in 1954. He became a member of the International Operators Union working on local roads and water tunnels. He married Virginia McGar b.1935-2006 and raised 2 children. In 1965 he started working for Inter-County Feed Mill stacking feed and loading trucks. He steadily rose in the ranks, worked in the Scale House, and later worked at the Granary managing all grain deliveries. He became Mill Superintendent for the Feed Mill, responsible for all the operations in 1977. He worked until he was hurt in a bad plant accident in 1988 forcing an early retirement from work.

     Interviewed: March, 2011

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