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Gerald  Skoda
Gerald Skoda

Gerry b.1941 graduated from Delaware Valley College, PA in 1963 with a BS in Dairy Husbandry and Business Management. He moved to Sullivan County in 1968. Earle Wilde, the poultry specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension hired him to be the dairy agent. At that time Sullivan County had approximately 250 dairy farms.  In the mid-80’s, when Earle Wilde retired, Gerry took over as the poultry agent. Waste management was the big issue facing the poultry farms given the large amount of waste coming from the industry as well as the more stringent DEC regulations. Gerry retired in 1997 and now works as a consultant, specializing in Farm Tax returns and agriculture. He is the current president of Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Co. Gerry also enjoys running a haying operation on his 100 acre farm.

    Interviewed: November, 2010

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