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Bart Rasnick
Bart Rasnick

Adolf b.1918-51 and Minnie Rasnick b.1919-72,  the parents of Albert Rasnick b.1918-2004 had a small egg farm on Gibber Rd. After returning from WWII, Al married Gertrude Cohen b.1919-2009 and raised 3 sons.  Al established an egg farm in 1947 on the property of his wife’s parents, Abraham Cohen b.1887-1966 and Bertha Cohen b.1883-1941. He was on the Board of Directors for Inter-County Farm Coop.  Al also developed retail routes, delivering eggs 4 times a week locally and to NYC. Bart grew up on the farm, which also had a rooming house on the property. The farm closed in 1971 and Al started a small engine repair service. Bart assisted his father from a young age on the farm.  He served in the army during the Vietnam War.  On his return, he joined the Fallsburgh Police Department in 1978, serving for 22 years. He was elected judge in 2000, serving for 11 years. He retired in 2011.

    Interviewed: November, 2009

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