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Leni Binder
Leni Binder

Leni Binder b.1942, the daughter of Harry b.1913-63 and Pauline b.1914-98 Kornman Cohen, grew up in Mountaindale, NY with her brother Dr. Paul Cohen b.1938 Harry graduated from Long Island Agricultural and Techical Institute with a diploma in agriculture. They purchased Palace Farm, a small hotel and egg farm in 1936. Her grandmother, Rose Korman b.1890- ? helped run the hotel with Pauline while her father ran the egg farm. The egg farm was closed in mid 1950’s and Palace Farm was sold in 1964. Leni first came to fame as the “peanut butter and jelly sandwich” lady who fed hungry visitors at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. Leni later became involved in the creation of the Sullivan County Historical Museum. Leni also served as a Sullivan County legislator from 1996 to 2011 and is currently retired.

     Interviewed: November, 2011

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