Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
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Dick Schulman
Dick Schulman

His father, Harry b.1905-79 a carpenter and Irma b.1908-1974 purchased a 30 acre farm was 1954. Dick b.1932 was a graduate of Farmingdale Institute with a degree in poultry husbandry. After Dick left the army in 1955, he joined his father in converting the original barn to a chicken coop. In 1956 he married Beverly Seidstadt (b.1935-d.2007), an elementary teacher at Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School, and together they had 3 children. After separating in 1971, Dick married Hollye Johnson b.1944, helping to raise her 2 children. Holly also assisted Dick with the egg processing. His father established an egg delivery route for commercial and wholesale customers. In 1981, Dick closed the egg business, opting to raise broilers on contract. He ceased raising meat birds in 2007 and is now retired.

    Interviewed: July, 2010

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