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Seymour Zuckrow
Seymour Zuckrow

Murray Zuckrow b.1915-97 and Jeanette Zuckrow b.1917-2007 moved from Brooklyn to Ellenville in 1943. He started a small egg farm and was soon joined by his father, Philip Zuckrow b.1890-1979. Seymour b.1937 grew up on the farm helping out his father and grandfather with the chores. The egg farm was closed in the mid 1960’s. Seymour finished college and worked as a USDA inspector on different regional egg farms. He married Linda Corrente and raised 2 sons. He managed Sam Schreibman’s egg processing plant and then joined Inter-County as the Plant Manager of Mountain Pride until 1980. He was then plant manager for Abe Freidberg’s R&L, an egg breaking operation. Later, he took over his father’s bakery products distribution company, Zuckrow Farms, which he ran for 21 years before retiring.

    Interviewed: March, 2011

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