Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
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William & Elvira Brey
William & Elvira Brey

Harold and Elsie Brey married and established a dairy and egg farm in 1933. William b. 1933 and his brother, Roger, stayed on the farm working with their father. In the 1950’s, they closed the dairy operation and by the 1960’s, they expanded the egg farm into a modern commercial operation. Elvira b. 1936 married William in 1955 and had four children and assisted in running the farm.  Danny Brey b.1960 their son, and his wife, Nancy now own and operates Brey Farms, one of the 2 remaining egg farms in Sullivan County. Danny and Nancy have continued to modernize and expand the farm as well as building their own feed mill.

     Interviewed: November, 2010


    Elvira W. Brey 1936-2019

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