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Gary Maas
Gary Maas

Gary Maas b.1954 was born in Lake Huntington. In 1970, his father Harold T. Moss b.1926 started an auto repair garage, Lake Huntington Service. His mother, Gladys Heib b.1930 started working at Narrowsburg Feed and Grain in 1947. She and Andy Goodrich purchased it in 1971, selling it in 1996. Gary and his wife, Judy Piersiak, b.1956 started in the poultry business in 1978, renting Fred Gasko’s vacant coop.  At first they grew starter pullets for layers and then raised breeders to obtain fertile eggs for the hatcheries. He also worked as a mechanic in his father’s garage. He left the business in 1983 working for Landers River Trips for 5 years. In 1988, he returned to work at his father’s garage. Gary has two children and has been on the Town Council of Cochecton since 2003. He was then elected Town Supervisor for Cochecton in 2010.

      Interviewed: October, 2010

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