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Joanne Rose
Joanne Rose

Joanne b.1956 is the daughter of Marty Goldstein b.1932-2003, a third generation farmer. His mother, Miriam, and his father, Joseph, owned a small kuchalein and farm that had belonged to the maternal grandparents, Harry and Molly Schwartz.  At age 16 after the untimely death of his father, he enlarged the family farm in White Sulphur Springs into a large egg farm and bungalow colony.  Marty married Shirley Luboff b.1933-2007 and raised 3 children. From an early age Joanne helped on the farm.  Due to the difficult economic climate, Marty closed the farm in the early 70’s.  Afterwards he built houses and sold real estate until he passed away. Joanne went to Suny-Oneonta, graduating with a degree in Political Science. She worked as a Probation Program Coordinator in Sullivan County for 25 years until she retired in 2011.

    Interviewed: September, 2010

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