Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
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Monis Brafman
Monis Brafman

Monis Brafman b.1934 moved with his parents, Abraham b. 1898-1962 and Mollie b.1906-93 to Sullivan County in 1949 to live on a farm with a kuchalein. Monis took over the farm and was named the Best Egg Farmer by Inter-County Coop in 1968.  His wife, Sylvia Ziegler, b, 1936-2009, helped on the farm and they raised 6 children. Economic circumstances forced him to close the farm in 1970. He then emigrated to Israel with his family. Returning to Monticello 2 years later, Monis created Southern Tier Abstract Corp., which he operated until his retirement in 2007.

        Interviewed: June, 2010

      Monis died on June 22, 2014

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