Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
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Max  Dwosh
Max Dwosh

As a refugee from Poland and WWII, Max Dwosh b.1924 sold all his possessions and immigrated to America with his wife Lena b.1924, in 1948 with $1200 in their pocket. In 4 months he purchased a run down boarding house and egg farm in White Sulphur Springs. After buying out his partner, he built up and enlarged the farm, building the coops himself to raise layers and starter pullets. He closed the boarding house after 5 years. His wife Lena was instrumental in helping to run the egg business and they raised 3 children. He also worked in a furniture factory, as a tinsmith, sheet metal fabricator and roofer for 10 years until he was able to expand the egg farm with 3 large coops. He shut down the farm in 1986 and went into real estate land investment.

     Interviewed: June, 2010

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