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Norm Hecht
Norm Hecht

Norm b.1922 was born in Brooklyn. His father, b.1887-1955, a physician moved to Ellenville when he was 7 years old to establish a practice in 1929. He also had an egg farm of 1500 layers. The depression of 1929 forced the family to move back to Brooklyn. When Norm graduated high school, he went to work for a egg farm in Kingston. Norm attended Cornell University in poultry science and genetics in 1938, In 1941, he moved to Hawaii and started a poultry farm. After WW II, he returned to finish his degree at Cornell in 1947. He married Lillian Strickman b.1919 and raised one son.  He established Hecht’s Hatchery in 1947, first in Scots Corners, then in Walden in 1952.  He operated the hatchery for 30 years. At its peak it produced three million chicks a year.

     Interviewed: May, 2010

   Norm died on Jan. 9th, 2014

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