Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
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Bobby Kaplan
Bobby Kaplan

Harry b.1899-1982 and Ida Goodstein B.1899-1973 ran a small kuchalein and egg farm. Their father Meyer b.1922-2007 married their daughter, Mary “Dorothy” Goodstein b.1923-2003 in 1942. He then started his own egg farm next to her parents. Bobby b.1946 went to Cornell University, graduating with a degree in agricultural economics. He took over the grandparent’s egg farm after graduation. His brother Phil b.1951 also returned to the farm after graduating from Suny-New Paltz in 1973 with a BA in history. The family decided to enlarge the farm in 1970 creating K-Brand Farms, the most modern egg farm in Sullivan County in the early 1980’s. Meyer originated the idea of “Egg U” a small live display to teach children “where the eggs came from.” for the local tourists. Bobby and Phil were on Inter-County’s Board of Directors until the coop was dissolved in 2009. K-Brand closed its operation in March, 2013.

Interviewed: September and  November, 2010


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