Egg Basket Sullivan County New York
Notes: Ephemera

      It is very difficult to obtain photographs of what life was like on an egg farm. Farmers worked long days of 10-12 hours, seven days a week. Work was what you were supposed to do and was not seen as a topic of photography. Cameras and film were expensive. Certainly snapshots were taken of new coops or families in front of the coop. But the day-to-day operations were rarely documented. Books or manuals on poultry farming did include some photographs to illustrate the text. Feed companies, equipment manufacturers also included photos of the farmer at work. In some instances local newspapers also photographed the workings of an egg farm. As well for a number of years various periodicals were available on a subscription basis assisting the farmers with articles and advertisements. I have collected as many historical photos as possible from many sources. Although many are not from Sullivan County, they do represent the conditions of the times.